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Our websites and applications use cookies and comparable technologies. Below you can find out more about the use of cookies and you can select which cookies you want to allow.

Please select the cookies you want to allow. Functional cookies cannot be disabled.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored on your device. A cookie makes it possible to remember your preferences (e.g. language preference) and to recognise your device (e.g. when you are logged in). When your device connects to one of our servers, the cookie information is automatically sent along.

Functional cookies are required for the proper functioning of our websites and applications. No prior consent is required for the placement of these cookies.

Analytical cookies serve to analyse how our websites and applications are being used. This information allows us to keep improving our services and products. Prior consent for the placement of analytical cookies is only required for those with a big impact on privacy.

Tracking cookies let us track your activities on our websites, in our applications and across various websites. This allows us to adapt the content and offerings on our websites and in our applications to your interests. To place these cookies, we ask for your prior consent.

Cookies we place

The below overview shows which cookies we can place on your device.

Cookie name: 'cg_cookie_consent'
Type: functional
Purpose: registration of your cookie consent

Cookie name: 'CG_SESSID'
Type: functional
Purpose: identification of a user session

Cookie name: 'cg_session' and 'cg_key'
Type: functional
Purpose: authentication when you are logged in

Cookie name: '_ga', '_gid' and '_gat'
Type: analytical
Purpose: analyse use of websites and applications

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